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yo that "first time" fic was great! could you do a follow up where Y/N actually makes Dan cum by sucking him off? you're very talented!


Fan girls at their best myhypotheticalromance

Fan girls at their best myhypotheticalromance

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Hey, I’m browneyess





Hey, I’m browneyess



Hey, I’m browneyess

Hey, I’m browneyess

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(Source: amahzingphil)


Chapter 3: Trouble

Last Chapter

“So, then in year 1558, Queen Elizabeth I, started her reign- um- Mr. Howell? Mr. Howell turn around and stop talking to Miss Walker.” I hear suddenly, interrupting Dan and mine’s little conversation and giggles. Dan rolled his eyes and turns towards the front of the class, sitting lazily and uninterested.

“Whoops, sorry Mr. Potter, but you know me, can never keep my mouth shut. I might as well become a politician, then that way I can speak my bullshit and I actually be heard.”

“Now, that is enough Mr. Howell! I will not have that kind of language and disrespect in my classroom!”

Dan simply put his hands up in defeat and said in a fake sweetly manner, “Of course, as you were.” He said, spinning his hand in a circle, signaling Mr. Potter to continue.

He gave a disproved look and cleared his throat before continuing, “Right, well, anyway, she started her reign until…”

Dan turned his head slightly towards me, wearing his famous half-smiled smirk. I smiled widely, determined to hide my laughter.

Abruptly, the loud, obnoxious, life-saving bell rang above our heads, signaling everyone to quickly get up from their seats and grab their bags, desperate to get out.

I walked out through the doorway with Dan as we headed towards my locker.

“Dan, I swear one of these days he is not going to take your bullshit anymore and he’s going to completely hit the roof.” I laugh.

“Well, I better warn the people upstairs then…” He says, smiling back.

We reach my locker as I open it, listening to the rest of Dan’s little story. All of a sudden, I feel an arm sling across my waist and I look next to me and find a familiar tall figure lean over me: Justin Riley. Justin Riley is a straight A student, president of student council, captain of the baseball team, the son of one of the richest families in Berkshire, and the biggest heart breaker in the school. He was always trying to “get with me” but I knew he was nothing but trouble and hormones so I always tried to avoid him in any way possible, but he never seemed to get the hint.

“Hey baby.” He said in his annoying, flirtatious voice he always used around me. Yeah, I’m not your baby.

“Um, hey Justin.” I said as I wiggled my way out of his grasp.

“Oh hey Howell” he said in a menacing tone, facing to Dan. “How’s it been? Been suspended out of school yet?”

“Not yet, but I have a feeling that fight I got into on Tuesday will speed up the process. Also, the whole drug-dealing thing doesn’t help. But you know, it’s still pending. ” Dan replied in a sarcastic manor. Silence fell and you could cut the tension with a knife.

“Anyway, so Emelia Rose, I heard it’s your birthday today!” He said, breaking the silence as he turned toward me.

“Yeah, it is, my sixteenth actually.” I said, trying not to sound to friendly with him.

“Well, how about I treat you to a little birthday dinner at my house tonight? Dessert will be provided afterwards…” He says with a wink. Oh gross hell no.

“Uh, sounds fun, but actually I’m really busy all evening- you know, homework and family and…stuff.” I said trying to get out of the situation desperately, but sounding a bit too, well, disturbed. I mean, I didn’t lie completely though. I really was busy. I was going with Dan to our spot in the woods tonight, like I do every night, but Dan promised a surprise tonight to celebrate my birthday.

“You aren’t hanging out with…” He said in a whisper then nodded towards Dan, “…him are you?”

“Actually, she is mate. So sorry about the inconvenience.” I hear Dan say behind me as he wraps his arm around me protectively, obviously ‘marking his territory’. Way to go Dan.

I let out an awkward giggle mixed with a sigh through gritted teeth. “Well, what he means is, that our families are having a little party together, you know with a cake and stuff…” I lie.

“Oh well, I ought to stop by then-“

“-NO!” I say a bit too quickly. “Um, I mean it’s a very small party-more like gathering actually- just family, you know.”

“Uh, yeah, no, I know what you mean…” He says awkwardly, although his awkward seemed, well too perfect.

“Yeah, so sorry, but maybe another time…” I say with a fake smile, trying to end the conversation.
            “Yeah, another time!” He says happily. “Well, um I’ll talk to you later.” He says as he tries to hug me, but is unable to due to Dan’s arm wrapped around my waist. He decides on a kiss to my cheek and I can feel Dan grip tighter onto me and dig his nails into my side.  “Bye.” He says smoothly but shoots Dan an evil look before he walks away.

I smile until he turns around and I quickly let me smile drop into a frown as I untangle away from Dan’s grasp. “What the hell Dan?!” I say, giving him an angry look.

“What? He was totally trying to get into your pants and you’re busy tonight. With me remember?”

“Yeah, I know, but what was with all that dominate crap? I could have handled it by myself.”

He lets out a laugh, just making me angrier. “Em, come on, you would be totally fucked if I wasn’t there- literally.”

I shoot him another dirty look. He smiles again but continues, “Come on, I was just helping you. Let’s not fight on your birthday okay?”

I relax and realize he’s right. “Okay.” I mumble.

He laughs again and closes my locker. “Now get to class Miss Walker, don’t want to ruin that perfect attendance do you?” He says with a smirk.

“Right.” I agree. “You better hurry up and skip, you know, don’t want to ruin that perfect ditch record, of course.” I reply sarcastically, mocking him.

“Oh right! Thanks for reminding me. I’ll see you tonight Em.” He says as he starts to walk away, backpack slanged over one arm.

“Yeah, whatever, see you tonight.” I say giggling quietly. “Don’t get into anymore trouble Daniel!” I yell as he is already a fair distance away from me.

“Never!” He yells sarcastically. “Get into trouble Emelia Rose!”

I roll my eyes and walk the opposite direction to my next class. I spot him smirk and continue down the hallway towards the exit doors.

We’ll see Howell, we’ll see.






I don’t care what you think but Dan is the cutest little shit ever

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